​​​​​​Sirene Spa

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Beauty, Relaxation & Healthy Skin


Sirene Spa Services

  • Massage
  • Spa Facials  
  • Peels & Microdermabrasion
  • Hair Removal 
  • Eyelash Extensions 
  • Precision Eyebrows
  • Bridal & Event Makeup
  • Gift Certificates

Relax & Rest

November Specials!

$10 Off Dermaplaning (SAJSUVEX)

$10 Off Any Massage (MR6ALBYX)

$5 Off Lash Tinting (5UNDER)

**  Offers expire November 30th.  Can not be combined with other offers or discounts.  Subject to availability.    Restrictions Apply.  Must use code at booking.

Located in Nampa & easy to access from the I-84 Northside Exit (Exit 35) we are located near Fred Meyer off of N Canyon St. & McClure Ave.

Call us today +.2086155071


Daily 9am-9pm

Day Spa in nampa

By Appointment Only.  No Walk-ins please. 

Same day appointments can be made online here.  We offer...